Program Notes

"Shine" (December 2013) was written for SSAA women's choir and was premiered by the Twin Cities Women's Choir after winning the Mary Bussman Emerging Female Composer Choral Competition.

Where the sun shines not will soon be illuminated.
By traveling dawn or meager candle bright, may it shine.
Light emanates from all, surrounding us forever.

I always had a melody for "Shine", even before the poem was fully formed. The poem itself was written almost ten years before it was sung. I often played the song at the piano and the harmonies grew in complexity over the years. This last iteration has traces of cadences not unlike those that end the phrases of traditional Gurian vocal polyphony, which I was studying at the time in the Republic of Georgia.

When I first wrote this poem, I intended it for my closest friends. I stuck it on a the front of a school binder and carried it around with me. Now I dedicate it to those women whose breath brought it to life in the Twin Cities. Thank you, TCWC.