Mira Treatman and Susanna Payne-Passmore perform their work at the Jeanne Ruddy Performance Garage in Philadelphia, PA.

5 Ruminations (July 2011) is an experimental work by composer Susanna Payne-Passmore and choreographer Mira Treatman. The work is scored for two bodies, two voices, tape, and piano. The core of the work is a poem by Mira Treatman, a satirical self-examination. Each following movement examines other female identities, including mothers and marriage, culminating in a "remixed" collage of all of the previous movements. While the earlier movements reflect a more typical identity, the last movement exposes the ridiculous in these roles, breaking the sound down into meaningless, but fun, elements.

This piece was also an experiment in different forms of performance. The first performance was during a salon, incorporating live music, and site-specific dance. The second performance was at the Jeanne Ruddy Performance Garage with recorded music, staged dance, and projector.